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Personal Injury

The sooner you hire an attorney, the more effective your attorney can be in obtaining just and fair compensation for you. At the beginning of a case, witness statements should be obtained, photographs of injuries should be taken, and medical care should be rendered as soon as possible. Evidence may be lost if not preserved in a timely manner such as the investigation of the scene of an accident. There are also important deadlines that must be observed with regard to presenting your injury claim. With government entities, the time period is much shorter than it is for private entities.

It is essential that injury victims received prompt medical care to document their injuries as soon after the event as possible. It is also important to obtain follow-up medical care and physical therapy or chiropractic treatments to assist the patient in returning to good health. Any period of disability from employment must be documented, so that aspect of your claim will be considered when it comes time to settle your case.

If you have been involved in an injury-causing event please call Attorney Vanderhorst as soon as possible at his Porterville office,

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