Defend your rights with the help of a solicitor specialising in sexual offences

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If you’re looking to have the assistance of legal counsel on your side, it is recommended that you enlist a highly-skilled sexual offence solicitor to help you throughout every stage of the process.

Lawyers of this nature can help defend your rights and ensure your interests are protected for a range of sexual offence cases that include rape, sexual assault or grooming, indecent images and child abuse. Other factors the solicitor may assist with include historic cases that involve allegations being presented several years after the incident was alleged to have taken place.

In sexual-related offences, the type of charges can vary from being relatively serious, such as nonconsensual physical contact above clothing, to more severe offences such as sexual contact that includes violence.

Regardless of the charge itself, it is recommended that in every case, you must seek professional legal advice from a sexual assault solicitor as soon as you can.

If you need to protect yourself or a loved one from an upcoming court case, sexual offence lawyers have robust experience and will prove to be highly valuable.

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What is the first step to undertake after being accused of a sexual offense?

If you find yourself as the subject of a criminal investigation with pending charges for rape and/or sexual assault, you must seek counsel from a sexual offence lawyer as soon as possible.

One of the main reasons to have a renowned lawyer in place early on is that they can assist with assembling a team to create the best possible defence as well as set about collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses about the case.

Often cases of this nature can lead to the client and their career suffering damages regardless of whether they have been falsely accused or proven to be guilty in court. One of the main priorities of the solicitor is to effectively counsel you, offer a strong defence and limit the consequences to the client and their family.

What kind of assistance can a solicitor of this kind offer you as a client?

Offering full legal representation, a sexual offence lawyer may also assist the client with representation at the police station as well as be available to the client at all times to offer advice. Did you know your solicitor can also be of assistance to you if your trial is at the Magistrates’ Court or if it takes place at the Crown Court? In both cases, you should have representation by an experienced barrister who specialises in sexual assault cases so that you can aspire to achieve the best possible outcome.

In addition to offering legal counsel, they can provide support and will be able to offer guidance for the duration of the period leading up to and including the trial process.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing you will receive 24/7 counsel and can enjoy the discreet confidentiality that comes with it.

If you find yourself being accused of any of these offences, reach out to a sexual offence lawyer today.

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