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Avoiding Road Accidents: Car Parts You Should Maintain

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Nobody ever wants to get caught up in a road accident. You may feel comfortable neglecting your vehicle now. But failure to check on it may eventually end up with your vehicle failing you. Vehicles are consist of wear and tear components that can give up over time. If left with no care at all, these parts can give up earlier than expected. This rarely ends up in life-threatening situations. But when they do, you’d wish you paid more attention to them.

That’s why it’s best to consider checking on the important parts of your vehicle now and then. Here are the parts that are most likely to get you in an accident if left neglected.


We need not explain too much about the importance of the brakes in your car. These are your main defenses against any chance of getting into an accident. So you need to pay close attention to the state of your brake parts.

Once you notice that your car takes longer to slow down or stop, this is a sign that the brake pads are getting thinner. Other more serious indications include a vibrating feeling and a screeching noise whenever you step on the brakes. This is usually a sign that the brake pads are so thin that it’s practically touching the rotors.


The tires act as the shoes of your vehicle. If your shoes are worn out, you’ll end up slipping on a wet, slippery floor if you try to run. This is the same if you run your vehicles on unmaintained tires. If your tires are worn out , damaged or misaligned, you’re waiting for an accident to happen.

Make sure your tires are always up to road challenge to avoid slipping and other accidents. You can perform the examination yourself, and all you need is a few minutes of time. Perform a visual inspection and see if there are any cracks or breaks. Remember to keep your tires inflated before heading out, as well. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, have an expert check your tires for you.

Transmission and Oil Fluids

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Gunky transmission and oil fluids can cause excessive wear on the transmission and engine parts. This means your vehicle has to work double to make sure your vehicle is running while also putting up with the gunk. If you let your engine endure this routine for longer, you must deal with repair costs later.

Everybody knows engine repairs are one of the most expensive things a car owner can spend on. Keeping your transmission and engine fluids replaced when necessary keeps your vehicle performing at its best.


Whether it’s daytime or nighttime driving, the exterior lights in your car are very important. Always make sure your turn lights are working properly. Other important light elements include the headlights, fog lights, and hazard lights.

But if after all that checking and you still got into an accident, consult a local auto accident lawyer . Even if you checked all your car parts and drove as carefully as possible, there may be instances where bad luck might still meet you with a road accident. Although you can’t control other elements on the road like other drivers, make sure you always do your best to stay safe.

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