Before Marriage: Preparations to Make When Deciding to Tie the Knot

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When everyone around you knows you’re engaged, you’ll hear a lot of advice and words of wisdom, especially from those who are already married. Warranted or not, it’s almost unavoidable. But this is going to be one of the most important decisions of your life, so the more knowledge you have before the wedding, the better. Here are a few that get left out of the usual conversation but are vital nonetheless.

Legal Matters

Marriage, a lot of times, is all about the love between two people. While that seems ideal, there should always be an acknowledgement of the law as well. You may have received advice from your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts about what married life is like, and that’s good. But having a legal counsel can better guide you on things that are often overlooked, such as your rights as and laws protecting people from abusive partners. It’s best to talk to a family solicitor in London, so you can prepare better for the next chapter of your life.

Pet Peeves

As a couple, you may have started out liking each other for simple reasons like the way you smile or do the little things. But there’d be times when your partner does something that ticks you off, like forgetting to turn something off or leaving a window open or talking in certain speech patterns. Your partner may have annoying habits. But that should be something you should accept because you and your partner will be spending a lot of time together under the same roof.

Career and Livelihood

Now that you’re about to begin a new chapter, there are sure to be major changes when it comes to your finances. Starting a life together with your fiancée will require that you adjust your lifestyle. For one, there’d likely be plans of buying a property together. If you both have stable jobs, then saving up for a house can be a bit easier. If you already have children, it’s all the more reason to make sure you earn and save more for the future.

FamilyFamily Planning

Couples get married in the hopes of starting their own family. Having a plan is always the wisest thing to do since it can affect your life in a big way. Do you want to enjoy your time together for a few years, or do you want to have kids right away? How many children would you like to have? How would you plan your retirement? These are just some questions that should be answered and prepared for in the first few years of your marriage.
Before you even decide to live your dream life together, it’s also worth noting that you are still separate individuals. Both of you have individual dreams, aspirations and interests that you want to keep despite living under one home. Being together doesn’t mean the end for the things that make you feel alive, and that’s sometimes what people forget whenever they start a family. Also, don’t get too caught up on the idea that you have to compare your life with others’. Sure, you have standards, but try to establish your own pace. This is your life, not a race.

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