Brain Injury

Brain Injury: What You Need to Know and Why You Need to File a Case

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The brain is one of the most important parts of the human body. You should put more effort into taking care of it because one single blow may cause paralyzation. There are several reasons for brain injury, and it’s best to know about them. If it’s someone else’s fault, then you can hire a brain injury lawyer to file a case. Here’s what you need to know:

Introduction to Brain Injury

Brain injury can cause disability and even death. Its effects are measured by the severity of the concussion and which part of the brain is affected. It’s the leading cause of death worldwide. There are several causes of brain injury — falls, sports injuries, and road accidents. Its symptoms include headaches, memory loss, confusion, and convulsion. If you experienced any kind of head injury, no matter how mild, you should go visit a medical professional immediately. The symptoms of brain injury may surface within 24 hours or it can appear days or weeks after the incident happened. There are mild symptoms, but it’s best to still be checked. This is because some symptoms appear much later when the condition is already worst. Several things can happen in brain injury cases. One is experiencing bruising and swelling. There could be brain tissue damage or pressure on the blood vessels. When this happens, the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to the brain is reduced. Moreover, look for signs of vomiting, loss of consciousness, numbness in the body, agitation, and loss of coordination.


This depends on how severe the injury is. Mild brain injury often just requires rest. Pain relievers may also be prescribed when there’s a headache. It’s important to remember that though it’s a mild injury, you should still be monitored and visit the doctor for regular check-ups. Moderate to severe injury requires medical attention immediately. The medical team will check if there is will also be examined. Some of the medications prescribed are diuretics, anti-seizure drugs, and drugs that induced a coma. Worst-case scenarios need aggressive measures like surgery. The brain needs surgery when there’s bleeding or blood clot. Skull fractures also need surgery. The skull will be repaired and broken pieces will be removed. Additionally, creating a window in the skull can be done if there are swollen tissues.

The Grounds for a Brain Injury Case

The first thing to do is to consult with a good brain injury lawyer. One of the things they’ll ask is who caused the injury. Most cases have more than one responsible party. Often, skilled lawyers run after insurance companies or big businesses when filing. You need to tell the causes of your symptoms. Provide proof that the symptoms are from the injury and not from other health or neurological problems. Showing off in social media that you’re already okay can be used as evidence, and the complaint should be trashed. It’s important to show that the injuries have affected your life. Your lawyer will list the damages your injury has caused, such as medical bills, loss of wage, loss of power to earn, suffering, pain, court costs, punitive damages, and the lawyer fee. A good lawyer must prove that the complainant (you) lost all these in the process. A brain injury can have serious effects on a person’s life. It can be more devastating if the costs — medication, rehabilitation, etc. — will be shouldered by the victim. That’s why you should file a case to lessen the anguish you have to go through. The money from the case can be helpful to start anew after everything.

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