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How Improper Truck Maintenance Causes Accidents

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Trucking companies are legally tasked with ensuring that their commercial vehicles are properly inspected and maintained for enhanced safety while in transit. The sheer weight of the trucks and the speed at which they travel ultimately could lead to their breakdown, making it essential to conduct routine maintenance. Unfortunately, trucking companies are not always proactive when it comes to maintaining their fleet of vehicles. Thus, the automobiles will often wind up in a state of disrepair.  The hazards posed by improperly maintained vehicles are endless, including collision, jackknives, rollovers, and underrides to mention a few. Here are the common culprits of road accidents in a poorly maintained truck:

Worn-out Tires

These are notorious culprits of major truck accidents. They are integral components for the efficient and safe operation of all commercial trucks. While car wrecks are sometimes attributable to defective tire designs that can be blamed on the manufacturer, more often than not, accidents occur due to failure to replace worn-out wheels. It is also imperative to keep the big rig tires properly inflated. In addition, trucking companies will often mount incompatible tire sizes on an axle, which has over time proven to be unsafe. Also, improper tire pressure can easily lead to blowouts due to uneven distribution of the load weight. Tire blowouts usually cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle, swerving into a ditch or to oncoming vehicles.

Faulty Brakes

Maintaining sound brakes on trucks is a critical responsibility for private truck owners and trucking companies alike. Defective brakes could lead to serious injuries or even fatalities, which are particularly attributable to the amount of time taken by a speeding truck to come to a halt. If the brakes are faulty, the truck will take even longer to stop, implying that a crash involving these vehicles is bound to cause massive damage or injuries. Poor truck maintenance will ultimately lead to total brake failure, which is caused by water seeping into the braking system, freezing or leaks. Victims of accidents involving trucks with faulty brakes are advised to engage the services of a reputable truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles to elevate their chances of getting a favorable settlement in a court of law.

Coupling Devices

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Trucks are articulated by movable joints called coupling devices, which include bolts, chains, and bars. These are tasked with connecting the trailers to their cabs and securing the load in place. Defective coupling devices can cause shattering wrecks, particularly jackknife crashes.  With malfunctioning coupling devices, the truck’s trailer is likely to fold back in on itself, endangering the lives of everyone else sharing the road. Loads may also dislodge and thus break free from the truck, spilling off and blocking oncoming traffic or the cars behind the truck. Hence, it’s critical to conduct regular, thorough inspection and maintenance of these vital components.

Trucks will often travel numerous miles each year, which implies that their vital components, such as tires and brakes, are constantly wearing out. Therefore, it follows that if the company responsible for keeping the truck in proper working condition neglects their duty, these heavy-duty vehicles will ultimately malfunction and cause grave accidents and injuries. If you’ve been involved in a truck crash and you suspect that the trucking company is liable for poor maintenance of the vehicle, you should contact a lawyer to ensure that the entire potential evidence is preserved and produced in a court of law.

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