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Do I Need a Lawyer? Situations That Require You to Hire One.

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In general, not all legal issues require the assistance of a lawyer. However, in many other cases, including a legal argument, challenge, or transaction, you may prefer to avoid the dangers of heading it alone without seeking advice from experienced counsel.

A study from the American Bar Foundation found that almost 80% of the time, individuals tackled the issue themselves, usually because they didn’t really understand a need for legal assistance. The 22% who requested assistance outside their family and social network were often public officials, government organizations, social workers, or religious groups rather than lawyers. When it came to court, 42% sought legal counsel, but only 5% proceeded with the cases.

Although an excellent legal representation can be costly, it will help you get out of various sticky circumstances and avoid higher penalties in the long run. In reality, failure to consult with an attorney in some situations can result in breached deals, missed lawsuits, or even jail time. Remember that the legal case of each individual is unique; therefore, you should employ a lawyer to receive proper assistance rather than comparing notes with someone else.

Here are some situations where you should consult an attorney:

Accidents and injuries are involved

Insurance companies respond almost immediately if you’ve been harmed, and they know they’ll be handsomely compensated. However, don’t jump into it just yet. Get immediate advice from a personal injury lawyer before dealing with an insurance provider.

Legal requirements and compensation rate may sound Greek to some, so a skilled lawyer plays to your advantage. They would be able to identify who or what caused the injuries and create a shred of compelling evidence supporting your case to ensure that you are paid for entire medical bills, missed time at work, and trauma.

Driving under the influence

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) have developed into a serious offense. As a result, penalties now include fines, prison terms, license suspension, community service, and probation.

Hiring a competent DUI lawyer will help you lessen those charges. In most states, you are required to call a lawyer before deciding whether to do any blood samples or breathalyzer at the police department. If at that point you weren’t able to contact a solicitor, immediately reach one after you have been released.

It’s important to note that facing the court without a prosecutor beside you could cost you a lot unless, of course, you’re willing to pay the consequences as is.

Going through a divorce

couple filing for divorce

Around 40 to 50 percent of US marriages result in divorce. It’s a stressful time for all parties involved, and having legal counsel to assist you can ease up the burden. Although there is no particular need for a lawyer when couples reasonably consent to any of the aspects of a divorce, you need to understand that the terms are set in stone once it is finalized.

Therefore, you should not ignore legal representation regarding serious concerns such as properties, loans, savings, welfare, debt, and child care agreements. The sooner you consult with a solicitor, the better off you will be. They will assist you in making better decisions by explaining different legal procedures, financial and custody methods.

Wrongful accusations and work discrimination

Often, workers are concerned that they have no leverage because they don’t belong to a union. Therefore, if you have a dispute with your boss and need to take legal steps to ensure that the full extent of federal and state regulations are followed, hiring a lawyer is necessary.

When it comes to evaluating and handling claims, most employers have much more expertise and money than you. Hence, representing yourself is a huge disadvantage.

Besides being familiar with law and courtroom rules, an attorney would also know what you can provide to the judge, who should testify, and what can be avoided to help win the lawsuit. Don’t assume that you can win and save those lawyers’ fees by making a case for yourself. If any, you may end up losing everything.

Worse, you could be forced to reimburse your boss for legal fees paid in fighting your case.


Usually, the school districts must pursue a procedure that might include letting the other party defend themselves. Before you and your child attend the trial, you might want to meet with an expert to help you build the best actions possible. Consult an attorney to discuss your rights and how this will affect your child as a whole.

Things getting out of hand might seem like a minor matter. Some might even find it too early to consider legal actions. However, the smartest thing to do if you find yourself involved with a lawsuit is to meet with honest counsel. They can advise you whether you need legal representation, handle your case or refer you to a lawyer who will better serve you.

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