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Silver Linings: Seeing the Good Amid All the Bad

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With all the doom and gloom we’ve been hearing everywhere about the global pandemic brought about by COVID-19, people are responding with dread, panic, and paranoia. People are hoarding hand sanitizers and toilet papers from grocery shelves. Most are retreating to their home worried about their jobs and how they can provide for their families.

With over 380,000 infected people and almost 17,000 deaths caused by the virus worldwide, it can get pretty depressing and worrisome for us. However, we must never lose hope. For out of bad things, some good can actually turn up.

The Gift of Time

For those of us who always complained to never have enough time outside of work to do other things that will nurture our bodies, minds, and souls, now we have more than enough of it.

You can use all this time in quarantine to catch up on reading and reflecting. You can start working on a home-based fitness program to help boost your immune system and make you fitter and healthier. You now have time to do things that you kept putting aside like replacing that busted light bulb or fixing that broken door at home.

Closer Family Ties

With all the time spent at home, families are now forced to be with each other under the present circumstances. Social media is abuzz with pictures and posts about families spending time with each other.

Familial relationships are growing stronger with all the time spent together. Parents now have more than enough time for their children. Some couples on the brink of divorce, who are already in talks with a Manhattan or Colorado Springs divorce attorney, are starting to work on their marriage and setting aside their differences.

Families are healing and are being restored. Bonds are growing stronger by the day.

Mother Earth is Healing

Ever since the virus broke out from Wuhan, China and different regions and cities started going on lockdowns and quarantines, the carbon footprint caused by man has been significantly reduced.

The decrease in traffic — both man and vehicles — have decreased pollution globally. Factories and plants have been temporarily shut down. Transportation and social movement have been restricted bringing down fuel consumption. With the drop in fossil fuel consumption, the air quality has greatly improved over the first quarter of the year.

In Italy, Venice’s canals have never been so clear according to several reports. It is so clear in fact that dolphins have been seen making their way through the Venice Canals.

Faith in Humanity Restored

doctors and nurses

Mankind has the innate ability to work together despite all of our differences — political, religious, racial, and cultural. We know when to come together and work with each other for the benefit of the greater good.

All over the world, reports of communities coming together, serving each other, and doing what they have to do to prevent the further spread of the virus are some of the most inspiring things you will hear in your life.

Stories of selflessness and sacrifices by the courageous frontliners, nooptales of compassion from ordinary people looking after those who are marginalized and disadvantaged. These are things that take place during this time of health and financial crises.

Behind every cloud is a silver lining. This is not to downplay the terror that the pandemic is wreaking on humanity. Instead, this is to inspire hope and positivity that even if we don’t know why things happen the way they do, there is always a greater purpose behind everything, coronavirus included.

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